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Renters around the world: Izzy

Izzy Sayers, an events manager at TQ Amsterdam, found out about Barqo through her boyfriend. When her parents visited Amsterdam, she took the opportunity to show them around – by boat. How did she experience this? She’s happy to share it with you!

“I like sailing – especially when I’m lying at the front of the boat with a drink!”


Izzy’s view from the boat

A real Amsterdam experience

Izzy has been sailing in Amsterdam many times with friends and it’s always one of her favorite things to do on a sunny day. “I like sailing because I find it very relaxing,” she says. “I love sailing the Amsterdam canals, it’s the best way to see the city. It’s always one of my favorite things to do on a sunny day.” She rented a boat via Barqo and showed her parents around for “a real Amsterdam experience”.

“We sailed from the East to the centre and did a tour of the canal belt. It was lovely!”


Izzy’s father and boyfriend on the trip

When it rains: huddle!

The contact with the boat owner was simple. “He arrived on time and was really friendly,” Izzy says. “Everything went really smoothly.” Unfortunately, the weather was a bit mixed (some sun, some rain). “The rain, however, was also fun as it meant we got to huddle under the boat cover like it was a tent – very cosy!”

Boot-Blue Eyez

Boat “Blue Eyez” that Izzy rented. Perfect for huddling!


At the end of the day, Izzy got to show around her parents and everyone had a good time. She thinks Barqo is “fabulous” and she would definitely rent a boat via Barqo again. Hurray!

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