About us

It is our mission to become the world's leading platform, connecting sailors and boat owners from all over the world and making sailing more accessible.

About Us

We are Barqo, a crew of passionate sailors set sail to share the adventure of sailing away, together. We believe that ‘sharing’ is what makes this world go round, and the best way to go around the world is by sailing, together!

Unfortunately, few captains own a boat, and even fewer can use their boats as often as they would like. This means many boats remain docked for a major part of the year, yet, boat owners are still forced to pay hefty fees for insurance, taxes and more. The result? Packed harbors and too many sailors without their beloved sea.

This is where we come in, against the stream! Barqo is an open platform where both sailors and boat owners can come together to join a community and sail this world together. Through our Q-munity, we connect people from all over the world by giving them the opportunity to discover new places and to get to know people from different cultures and backgrounds. We have a wide variety of boats available, so there’s a vessel for every captain out there – but be warned! There are many captains on the horizon, so be quick, before another pirate comes and takes your desired boat for a trip!

This is what makes Barqo a place where people who share the same interests and goals are brought together: at Barqo, everybody is a captain, because it’s our dream to make sailing accessible to anyone, anywhere, any time! With our ‘all hands on deck’-mentality, we can realize this dream and sail away, together!


Get to know the infamous crew of Barqo; a group of sailors who are determined to bring our vessel to new horizons. Just like every crew, we have different tasks, but we work as one crew. We prove that two (or more) captains on one ship does work, since we believe that everybody is a captain! And believe it or not, Barqo is no place for mutiny since we have one dream. We only let our competition walk the plank!

Thijs Janssen

Product & Finance

Thijs is responsible for leading our department of Product development (new product management). Thijs is one of Barqo’s pillars since he takes care of our integrated financial management as well.

Floris van Hoogenhuyze

Marketing & Communication

Floris is an adventurous people manager who continuously strives to discover new opportunities in order to enhance our brand positioning. He therefore translates Barqo’s vision and strategy into both online and offline marketing.

Dennis van Kappen

CTO / Lead full-stack developer

As the responsible ‘’Captain’’ for software development, Dennis ensures that we strive to develop continuously. Dennis is the point of contact on issues concerning the development and innovation of our brand, products and objectives.

Klaas Vermeulen

Sales & Operations

With Klaas aboard, we have a driving force in the organization who prevailed at the Olympics for the Dutch national (field) hockey team. He is the ideal man to carefully welcome new boats to our platform, while building strategic partnerships.

Joris van Kappen

Data & Growth

This creative wonder is responsible for the concept and positioning of our online community and ensures that our 'flag and colours' always look seaworthy. Joris is at the heart of our organization with both the creation and deployment of our creative content.

Toon van Acker

Full Stack Developer

Toon is an experienced developer from the Flanders area (Belgium). He knows the ABCs of both front end and back end development from A to Z and currently works on new features and improvements to our existing systems. Additionally, Toon assists in taking care of technical design and its realization and implementation.

Michael Straubinger

Data Scientist

Michael is our Computer Scientist from Bavaria, Germany. He is just finishing his master’s degree with focuses on Big Data Analysis as well as Security and Safety. At Barqo he automizes and optimizes data and information flow.

Isabela Assiria

UX/UI Designer

Isabela is another member of our creative team and she is responsible for both the design and usability of our platform. She sailed to Barqo all the way from her home in Brazil, after graduating in Graphic Communication from Cardiff Metropolitan University, in the UK.

Eva Rood

Content Creator

As our content creator, Eva tells stories. Not only ours, but also those of our captains and sailors. Besides that, she will provide you with the ins and outs of the best sailing locations all over the world.

Bart Meijer

Booking Manager

Bart makes sure that you will always have the best experience and sailing trip.


Bas Hazewinkel

Technical Advisor

Experienced CTO, Business Development & Agile professional of Scalable software companies. Previous CTO of biggest Dutch social media website Hyves.

Jelle Hoffenaar

General advisor

Experienced growth and scale up entrepreneur. Successfully led 3 companies to series A investment. Currently also active as an advisor for Snappcar | The European leading car sharing platform.

Lisette Hendrikse

Legal advisor

Experienced General Counsel, switched from corporate to the start-up and scale-up world. Together with a team from Liance.Legal they work together with Barqo. Previously General Counsel, Compliance Officer and Company Secretary Philips TV. 20 years of experience in all legal aspects of international business, with a great passion for starting and growing businesses.