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Let your boat without worries

Decide yourself

The rental price and times, any extras and conditions you set for the rental of your boat or fleet.

24/7 support

In case of any breakdown or damage during the rental. Barqo can offer support in finding help during calamities.

Safe and insured

Barqo's system verifies the identity of tenants and is an approved secure system. With an online check-in & check-out for the automatic handling of the deposit. Make sure your boat is additionally insured!


Barqo has a reliable and secure system, verified by Centraal Beheer and Nationale Nederlanden. If you want to rent out your boat insured through Barqo, it is necessary to take out additional insurance. You are completely free to choose which party this is. This can be done at Central Beheer & Nationale Nederlanden.

How does it work?


Create a Barqo account

Let’s connect! First step is creating your Barqo account. Tell us a little bit about yourself so we know how to help you best.


Add your boat

Time to upload your boat! In a few steps you can enter the information about your boat and decide how you want to rent it out.


Set your prices

When adding your boat, you decide how you want to rent it out. You can choose how much to charge per hour, per day and per week. To keep our platform running, we charge a comission from our boat owners when they get a booking. In addition to that, anyone that rents your boat pays a service fee between 8-15%, including the insurance costs. You can find more information about this here.


See if you have additional rental insurance.

While adding your boat, we will ask you a few questions about your boat so it will be visible on the boat page. Next, it is important to indicate that your boat is insured for rental. Please check with your current insurer. If you are unable to insure your boat, please switch to Central Management or National Netherlands.


Receive renters

Your boat is ready! After putting it live you will receive requests from users who want to rent the boat. You will have to respond within 48 hours so that users can book and finally start sailing!

And should anything happen...we've got you covered

Report damage

Through our system an online check-in and check-out has been developed. Through this functionality you can report damage. This is important if you want to claim the deposit.

For more information you can take a look at our frequently asked questions.

FAQs +31 (0)85 0160188

Breakdown or emergency on the water

It can always happen that you come to a standstill on the water because of motor problems or any other cause. In this case please contact us!

We will then assist you in finding assistance on the water.

chat +31 (0)85 0160188

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