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Boat rental in Ibiza

Dance until the sun comes up

Boat rental in Ibiza

When you think of Ibiza, you probably think about the beautiful beaches, the wonderful climate and the famous nightlife. However, that’s not all Ibiza has to offer! What about the Ibiza Castle and the many characteristic farms ('fincas') that are all over the island? And don’t forget the famous Spanish cuisine! Plenty to do, for young and old.

Sailing around Ibiza

Sailing around Ibiza is ideal for both shorter and longer periods. The island has a coastline of over 200 kilometers and there are several smaller islands where you can go, including the (uninhabited) island Es Vedra, known for its magnetic field. Boats are also often used in Ibiza as a party location. Maybe you’ll see a celebrity! Please note that, when on a boat, you have to be in possession of a (temporary) sailing license. You can get that at the Commandancia de la Marina.

Things to do in Ibiza

Besides the famous nightlife there is more to do in Ibiza. The historic heart of the island is called 'Dalt Vila'. Here you will find the Cathedral de la Verge de Neus, a Catalan building dating from the 16th century, which is on UNESCO's World Heritage List. At the Punta Arabi hippy market you can shop for jewelry, artwork and clothing. There are also various excursions offered (also outside the high season!). To discover the history of the island. For example, the popular Almond Blossom Route - a trip along the scented almond trees - is admired in February.

Renting a boat in Ibiza

Rent a boat from Ibiza and discover the island at your own pace. Get inspired by one of our boat routes or local boat owners. Via Barqo you can easily rent the ideal sailboat, catamaran or motorboat. Discover it yourself!