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Community values

Together we strive to make sailing more accessible for everyone. So as Barqo continues to grow, it’s vital that we share the values of our community. These values shape our culture and how we further our mission. These three standards are at the heart of our community and we are always working to make sure they’re enforced.





Your Barqo experience begins the moment you embrace adventure. That’s only possible when you trust this community and feel safe. Therefore, safety is our first priority we require that you refrain from endagering or threating anyone.

You should feel comfortable no matter where you go. In order to guarantee your safety all community members have to verify their government ID. Make sure to leave a review after your trip to prepare future renters for their next adventure. Use our messaging system to learn more about a boat owner.

Our boat owners share their boats and experiences. Trusting people with valuable goods requires that they will feel secure. We ask you to respect others’ boats, information and personal belongings.

You should not make transactions outside of Barqo’s payment system. Transactions made outside our system are not insured.

For more information visit our terms and conditions


Authenticity moves beyond a mere friendship. It is based on trust, honesty, genuineness, responsibility to each other and willingness to be open and humble. It requires a balance of shared expectations, honest interactions, and accurate details.

You should not mispresent yourself, use a boat for other purposes without the boat owners approval. Nor shall you provide inaccurate boat information, have incorrect availability or mislead people about the type, nature, or details of a boat.

All boats and every adventure is unique. Since our community makes commitments based on the details provided, we have to be able to trust each other’s reliability whether it be in timely communication, the condition of the boats, or in the expectations we set.

You should not cancel after the deadline set in the cancellation policy. When contacting a boat owner you should be responsive throughout the booking process and the trip. Make sure your contact details are up-to-date for easy communication.

Our community is as diverse and unique as the world around us. You should treat everyone with respect in every interaction. Together we can make more people enjoy the waters.


We highly valuate the amount of effort you put into making our community a success. We strive to be as transparant as possible about local-laws, community insights and our company development to provide you with an even better experience.

We are always here to help.